[Paid Request] Revised, CTF version of rd_asteroid

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    Hello fellow TFmappers,

    I have been running TF2 servers for about 2 years now, and am now in the process of developing my own custom TF2 competitive gamemode, featuring both unique custom maps and modified stock TF2 maps in the server rotation

    One of the maps I would like help working on, to start off with, would be a modified version of the now-public stock TF2 map "rd_asteroid". I would like the following changes made, specifically:

    -Gamemode changed from "RD" to "CTF".
    -All the robots removed.
    -Any voice lines from the announcer regarding the reactor core being taken should be replaced by the usual CTF announcer voice lines.
    -Also, in the Red base, I would like a new, secret room to be added. As seen in the picture attached, inside Red Base on an upper level near the entrance, there is a room full of consoles and moniters, specifically three moniters/computer towers in the corner. I would like this to be a secret entrance to a special "hall of fame" room, octagon-shaped where some of my gamemode's bigger donators will be featured, as golden statues, with a block underneath with their name on a plaque. In order to access this room, the player would have to hit the smaller, button-like panel to the right of the 3 panels featured side-by-side in the picture, and the panels would slide upwards into the ceiling and disappear, similar to most sliding doors elsewhere in TF2. Once the player passes through the opening, like normal TF2 sliding doors like those in cp_well, the doors shut again.

    [ Photo mentioned above: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nvs5laoxi6wfxlw/rd%20asteroid%20snapshot%201.jpg?dl=0 ]

    Requirements in order to be considered for this paid request:

    *Proof of TF2 mapping experience (A link or two featuring your prior mapping work, etc.)
    *Skype, Twitter, or e-mail account, to establish quick communication between us.

    I can pay you through paypal, my preferred online banking system.
    Please contact me if interested. Right now I am just looking for a quote,
    an estimate for how much this would cost for you to develop,
    as the costs for hiring you to this map and others will be a part of my group's
    crowdfunding initiative this coming month. Thank you all and have a good night!
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