packing nav with compilepal problem

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    i compiled my map timber terror v5 wth compilepal with the nav generator option checked, when it loaded the however the bosses didn't move even do in the compiler it said that is wat making an nav and a bit later that the nav is completed
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    But nav meshes can't be completely automated... You need to do a manual check after the initial generation to fix stuff the automation got wrong.
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    Use nav_edit 1 to see that the nav_mesh isn't broken somehow. It's possible that the nav was not generated properly, and your bosses may be spawning in an area of the map that doesn't have a nav mesh at all (which may or may not make them not move).

    You can also try nav_generate in game to do it yourself just to see if CompilePal isn't actually generating a nav.
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    using the nav option will launch the game on the map with no indication that is is doing the nav mess, if you look at the console at that moment tho you will find out that it is building a nav file (tf2 is usually laggy during that time). it will eventually close the game when the nav file is done. All this does is really just nav_generate, which is usually mostly fine if your geometry is simple enough.
    you'll also need the "pack" option to include the nav file in your map. The nav should work without packing locally tho. Also, the nav option doesn't finish until a .nav file exists where it should be, check if it's actually in your maps folder.