P:D's TF2 Tournament - now free!

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    Due to the underwhelming response to our (Project: Demolition's) previous attempt at a TF2 tournament ( see: [ame="http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=9153"]original thread[/ame]), we've decided to make it free!

    Q & A
    Q: Well, what is it?
    A: It's a 2 vs. 2 TF2 tournament.

    Q: Do I get to pick my partner?
    A: Yes; all you need to do is request a partner when talking to either Xenocidic or I (Galago)

    Q: Is there a fee?
    A: Not any more! It's free

    Q: Is there a prize?
    A: $20 cash

    Q: Sounds cool! How do I sign up?
    A: Well, if you check out our site, you'll see a nifty little "SIGN UP" button. Click that. It'll present you with two people to contact: Xenocidic or myself. Feel free to add either of us on Steam.

    * We'll be monitoring for cheaters/hackers in every match of the tournament
    * When the entire tournament is through, we'll be putting together a composite video of great kills/maneuvers for the tourney (a.k.a. frag video)

    If I can think of anything else, I'll be updating this OP in italics.

    P.S: I designed the site solo and built it with my co founder, Xenocidic

    Please visit: http://www.projectdemolition.com for more details
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    OK Now I am interested! I just need someone to help me...
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    indeed, though as always nothing must be taken seriously

    go team of matching classes!
    (On a side note I could use a partner that can use every class so we can do mirror classes in the tournement)
    <As a double side note, I don't play soldier>
    {woo, brackets!}
    [damn, I won't be online on that day so n/m :(]