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Overpowered proof of concept

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Dec 19, 2015
Overpowered proof of concept - custom gamemode

Hi there, for the 72hr summer jam I decided to make a new gamemode for my favorite Team Fortress mod. The gamemode is similar to VSH. You have one boss class on the blue team and on the red team you have a bunch of players. For the blue team to win they have to either kill the boss or capture a control point.
For the red team to win the boss has to kill every player on the blue team. The gamemode is supposed to use the Henchman but because the model for him is not finished I used a modified civilian that is made to look stronger than a normal civilian.

Henchman concept by Blaholtzen(This concept is from years before the jam I'm just giving it for context):


Normally this mode is created through server mods but since this is a standalone Team Fortress 2 modification I can actually program this into the game itself. That's what I did for this years 72hr jam.

This is a proof of concept and it was nice to take a bit of a break on some other work and just do something new.

Since the gamemode is for a custom tf2 mod I will just post images of a very early implementation I did of this mode.

I was able todo a few things that we concepted and make it a reality:
  • Add the henchman as a class in the game
  • Added tf_logic_overpowered
  • Health scaling based on oposing team player count modifiable using cvars
  • The tf_logic_overpowered entity enables the overpowered gamemode which assigns a boss on the blue team and puts all the other players on the red team.
  • Spy's backstab normally kills a class with a single stab but this would be way to easy for the red team so I made it only take away a certain percentage of the boss his max health





Health scaling of bosses and backstab damage percentage can all be configured using console commands.

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