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    Well, I'm sure some of you have other platforms for gaming than a PC, right? ...Right? Then let us discuss! Tell us all about what other platforms and other games you like.

    Personally, I've been a Nintendo fan since 1997 (and I really wish I'd been one even longer :p), and my first console was a Nintendo 64, which I still own. I'm still a fan, of course, so I've got a GameBoy Advance SP (and an old GBA which I broke long ago because I used to get really mad if I lost at games...), a DS and a DS Lite, a GameCube and a Wii. I think my favorite game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy, for the enormous creativity that went into this game.

    I've had a PSP, but I sold it because...well, it was a horrible piece of crap in my opinion. Currently I also have an Xbox 360 with six games, but I don't play it a lot.

    The last game I bought was SoulCalibur IV for the 360, which is...an ok fighter. I don't think I'll ever get my head around those scary button combinations, but it's still kinda fun.