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    Hi all,

    This is my submission to the 72hr contest, let me know what you think!
    I had lots of fun working on it, hopefully it is not too simple :)

    It's a small, brawler-style CTF map, with a very simple layout.

    The goal: Steal the enemy intel from the Alien walkers which rose out of the ground, destroying the building above them, but are now mysteriously still!

    It will require teamwork to get the intel, as it's near the enemy spawn room. I'm thinking rocket-jumping soldiers with medic and sniper support at least!
    Scout rushing initially may work in numbers, to kill a couple of defenders, but once an engineer is set, it will be a slow and steady advance to get within range of the intel.
    32 players is pushing it, half that is probably a better size for this map, I think.

    It should be pretty fun and fast paced! Hopefully it's not too defensively balanced...
    I think there is enough cover, and ways to flank snipers...

    It's been such a long since I played with Hammer, that I was very slow at making this :)
    I wanted to add more detail but I ran out of time, so I'll probably keep working on it.

    To do:
    - Add a bit more level detail (signs, wires, pipes, ducts etc)
    - Add a droning soundscape around the Alien walkers and thick smoke coming from the craters.
    - Fix up the clipping on the beam so it's easier to get up in a rush.
    - Fix up the bot navmesh for some crazy carnage!

    Good luck to everyone, I hope we have fun playing all these maps!!

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