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    Orange (tf2) - A style of map layout that requires lazy ass developers to not take the time to add textures to maps.


    Hall-Of-Death Type map, but with a basement maze (idea taken from the bedroom map, the maze is really frustrating.)
    Holes that make you drop into said maze. Try to avoid these.
    3 second cap.
    2 minute timer.
    Roof area for spawncamping demomen and soldiers. (remember to watch your back when spawning)
    Fully sexy, with the default skybox for her plesure.

    Its a very big map, not ideal for koth and more for ctf, but I really wanted to try and throw together a crappy koth map :facepalm:

    Picks or no click people: I'll have screens in a sec.
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  2. Caliostro

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    Orange maps = Lazy = Poor quality = bad.
  3. Terr

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    What these fine chaps are trying to convey is that deliberately setting out to create an orange-map as your final product is low-brow, artistically questionable, and induibitably hatless.

    While they would be most able and willing to assist you in endeavors to improve said map, having a seemingly incomplete and low-effort design as your end-product does not garner any more positive enthusiasm than, say, a sprite comic would at an watercolor painting convention or a kazoo solo in an opera.

    While I am largely a sympathetic audience to your plight--having started out with a continuing project to modify a stock map--I am terribly sorry to inform you that orange maps are too far beyond the pale for even myself to countenance.
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    Aaand the thread is locked.
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