[OPEN] Tiftid's Sketchbook (Definitely not a front for my deranged ramblings)

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Sep 10, 2016
This post was mostly prompted by the fact that I thought I had lost a bunch of VMFs forever, but as luck would have it, I had uploaded many of them to Discord, which allowed me to redownload them. In order to make sure I don't lose them again, I've decided to share them with the world, since it's not like I was doing anything with them anyway.

That means pretty much all of these are unreleased and untested, but I think plenty of them are actually good-quality maps. When I make maps, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that break the mold in some way, and leave the ones I make that are just good with not much interesting stuff going on in the dust, so you might be getting the gold here, not the dregs you might get from another mapper orphaning their stuff.

Most of these are "control point sketch vmfs" - single control points which can be dragged and dropped into a shared VMF to create an A/D or Payload map, only requiring you to do some work on the spawns and connectors between the points. I've also written guides informing you what you should look out for when doing just that kind of work.

Some of these revolve around only the backward hold, while others also propose where the forward hold and BLU lobby will be.
There are even some weird ones that only give you the BLU lobby and forward hold!

So, I've split them into 3 categories:
  • Single Arena maps will only be one fightspace, like only the forward hold of an A/D point, or just the mid of a KOTH map.
  • Two Arenas will refer to maps that have a lobby and forward hold, or forward hold and backward hold, or all 3 because even though 3 =/= 2, I'm feeling generous today.
  • Full Map will be a full, but not necessarily playable layout. It might need more logic, or clipping and sealing, or a layout rework, or being mirrored.

All the VMFs are attached to this thread. I honestly don't give a shit whether or not you credit me for whatever you do with these, I just want someone to get some use out of them.

I also attached some "gravelpit shack" VMFs that I like to use as instances. You'll need to put them in a subfolder named "instance" in whatever folder you put the other VMFs you downloaded from this thread in, otherwise some VMFs will be missing these gravelpit shacks, which are very important for gameplay.

[Single Arena]
Map | Month/Year | Image​
Ramblings (Please ignore for your own sanity, these are all like 400-500 words long, some longer)​
cp_firstpoint2 | Dec 2021​
Oh mannnn, I thought I had lost this one forever. Which would have been a shame, cause I really liked the ideas here.

In December 2021, I was madly experimenting with trying to make an A/D control point right in front of BLU's first spawn. It was probably the most diligently I've ever worked towards developing an idea, aside from when I made pl_boatload.
You see, I had recently played someone's first map that featured a control point like this, and I was in love. It felt like it brought out all of the 2007-y, Dustbowl-y parts of TF2 in a way that's impossible for people to justify making with modern mapping knowledge. But just making modernistic maps all the time is so boring!

So I sought to make something truly evocative of the worst best parts of TF2.

But before that, let's start with some good. This map puts BLU's spawn exits really far apart and on different height levels, so it's near-impossible to spawncamp them and stop them from reaching the point.
To make this not horrible for RED to defend, RED also spawns pretty close to the point, and the point has a long captime.

What really kickstarted (and also literally began) the VMF was the point area:

BLU can come from one of two directions, and there's no single position RED can stand at to stop them from reaching the point. They also have a couple of sneaky hiding spots (the blue dots) on the point, thanks to the little metal structure. This means it's easy for BLU to get onto and stay alive on the point, which in turn forces RED to push onto the point and flush them out. I liked the idea of it a lot. Still do, really.

Another area I liked is this underpass.

If BLU is uncontested, it's a really powerful flank that lets them undermine RED's strongest defensive position - the bottom of the metal ramp seen in top right frame. But RED can put a sentry in a little alcove under the ramp to stop BLU from using it against them, at the cost of easier corner-peeks from BLU's teammates on that sentry from the doorway, and less visibility onto the point area.

The visual style was actually pretty quaint too.

I had lots and lots of complex metal structures in some kind of vague industrial/construction theme. RED spawn would almost certainly have been some kind of brick building with how low and nostalgically framed in the scene it is.

Speaking of RED spawn, it's actually the biggest sore point of the VMF:

It's just two doors that exit into the same area. I think I meant for BLU to basically capture the point for free if they could reach RED spawn. In hindsight, that would have been really really unfun, and I'm glad that for later control points of the same archetype I chose to split RED's spawn exits more into different areas.

I think ideally you would move one of the spawn doors up to here;

And the other to this doorway, so it's harder for BLU to spawncamp.

I was scared to do this back in Dec 2021, because it would have meant that RED could have stickycamped the point directly from the safety of their spawn door. And rightly so, but I think the alternative is worse.

I think the main reason I never continued this VMF was because I was worried it would be too easy for BLU to capture. Plus I hadn't really built anything that could plausibly become a connector to the next control point. But there are some good ideas here.

Maybe if you moved BLU spawn further back from the point and mashed the disconnected tunnels together into more of a concrete forward hold area for RED? Or maybe you could just fully commit to the "point outside of BLU spawn" design and give RED wayyyyyyy stronger defensive positions. If you do that, I recommend a respawn wave time of 6 seconds for BLU. Trust me.
cp_test2 | August 2020
Just a simple yet good area right outside BLU spawn. The multiple height levels mean that it's reasonably hard for RED to stand in any one place that watches all of the BLU spawn exits at once. The connectors between BLU spawn and RED's forward hold are designed around classic TF2 gameplay elements like corners and ramps with health packs nearby that favour RED, but keep them constantly on their toes.

The height adds a touch of spice to these simple spaces, where while you're trying to push up a corner or ramp, you might catch flak from your enemy's teammates who are on a different part of the highground or lowground.

I keep looking back at this one and being surprised at how solid it is. I don't know why I didn't continue it back in 2020. Clearly I had bad taste.

Maybe it can act as a good start for your A/D map. It's one of few vmfs here that'll let you design your own forward hold and backward hold for the point that follows, instead of just being something self-sufficient you can drag and drop in.

But I would recommend it with a grain of salt, since the brushwork is not so good compared to the many newer vmfs in this sketchbook. It's not bad, but if you ever end up having to detail or displace it, you might regret it...
cp_test2_modernised | The upload date says March 2022 and I'm not sure I believe it but that's what we're going with
cp_test2, but I looked back at it and realised that it was worth expanding. Now, instead of just a BLU lobby, I also added a RED forward hold, where they have health and ammo under a little concrete ramp thing. I also turned it into payload and made it a little harder for RED to watch all of BLU's spawn exits at once, because it was still possible in some spots in the 2020 version.

This VMF is really sketchy, mostly because of this doorway:

This lets BLU do something uncomfortably close to skipping RED's forward hold. But if they couldn't, RED would basically never be forced to rotate, which would make for a pretty easy hold as far as first points go. I think it's fine, but you definitely need to keep it in mind as you build further.

There was also a version of this map where I had also built a backward hold. Unfortunately, I no longer have that VMF. A shame, cause I liked what I had built.
koth_waterpark_test1 | May 2022​
In May 2022, I would release B1 of cp_bruhstbowl.
It was a big milestone for me - my first map with not-forced and not-rushed detailing; so not-rushed it had taken me over a month to make, even though I had only detailed stage 1!

I was so excited to get it tested that I could hardly wait the 3 days it would end up taking. So I decided to make some KOTH A1s. I had recently participated in Microcontest 21, where I had made a CTF map in about 6 hours, thought "man wtf do I do now" and just slapped a second entry (a symmetrical 2CP map) onto it as a second stage, which also took about 6 hours. This taught me that I could make maps in a very short space of time, so I figured I would release daily KOTH a1s until cp_bruhstbowl_b1 was tested.

That's a pretty rich backstory for such a tiny VMF, huh. Well, basically, I wanted to make daily KOTH A1s, and I wanted each one to have a unique gimmick. For this one, it would be the relatively unexplored niche of underwater gameplay, which had nearly infinite potential to spice up the gameplay spaces I was building.

So I built this. The grey platforms can be swam under.

It was pretty complex, and it had a decent amount of potential to not suck. But I scrapped it quickly, because I feared the water would make it way too quick and easy for the team who owned the point to rotate between watching the attackers' entrances into the point area. In hindsight, that might have been a bad idea, so I'm giving you the chance to give this the new life it deserves.
pl_firstpoint1 | November 2021​
In my opinion, this is really a huge step down in quality compared to the other VMFs I've given you so far, but it's worth mentioning, since it serves as a companion vmf to pl_secondpoint1 and pl_lastpoint1 later.

This would have been the first point of a payload map called pl_desperation. The map idea was a symbol of the worst excesses of my misled mapping knowledge at the time; I thought it was important to have as few forward spawns as possible in Payload, so I wanted a map where BLU could attack all four points from a single spawn.

In order to achieve that, A had to be really close to BLU spawn physically, so that the walk to B, C and D from BLU spawn wasn't unbearable. The layout would be all compressed and convoluted and give BLU shortcuts and stuff to help them along on the path to D, so that they didn't have to experience the misery that is attacking Mountainlab C.

The problem is that having A be so close to BLU spawn is terrible. BLU is guaranteed to have an uber right out of the gates if they have a medic, and an uber-push usually guarantees RED loses their forward hold. But if A is that close to BLU spawn, RED has no forward hold. They just lose the point.

At the time, I tried to justify this by making the cart path long and winding, so that after BLU takes the A area, they have to spend time bringing the cart to the point to actually capture, which would give RED time to retake.

The problem with that was that shortly after making this VMF, I tested another, similar A/D concept which asked RED to retake a point area they'd already lost, and they consistently failed to do it. And especially for an A point, where RED spawns so far away - asking them to retake the backward hold after losing it is lunacy!

So, yeah. This will probably never work without massive changes. But it's here, as a not-so-proud part of my mapping history.

Also, I would like to point out that it's really easy for RED to stand in one place to watch both of BLU's spawn exits, whereas the time it takes BLU to walk between those exits is really long:

So maybe RED could have a chance of getting a forward hold on this point if they spawncamp hard enough? But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Oh, also, it uses the cart model from the pl_snowycoast asset pack. For some reason. At least I used the one without the snow.
mvm_ridiculoustower | March 2022​
Now this is quite the VMF. It started out as a simple prefab; I built a little skeleton, and some modular bridge pieces that branched off it. They were based off the infamous "bridge of death" from my map sd_nowhere; a gameplay space that was intentionally designed to be as deadly to exist in as I could possibly make one.

The idea was to make an MVM map where the bot spawn area was the tower, and bots would spawn from distant mineshafts that led into the bridges which led into the tower, whereupon I could use func_nav_prefer to make them exit the tower from different doorways, which would lead into other bridges that would lead to the normal gameplay space.

That way, it would make for a very complex bot spawn zone. I liked this as an idea, because I hate Valve's MVM maps where the bot spawn zone is a single uninteresting corridor and you just end up spamming it for the whole game.
So I built a tower with the prefab, and built a bot spawn zone around it.
(The missing textures are from the Bulletcrops content pack which Billo made me download to help him detail and optimise cp_caribbean; I have since moved to a new computer and not redownloaded those textures)

The snipers represent long-range bots, the Combine soldiers represent basic bots and the Combine elite represents giants... probably. The Strider would have represented some sort of ambitious custom non-robot boss made through map logic.
There are a bunch of func_nav_prefers already set up, space cleared for a tank path, and even the beginnings of a more simple lobby where players would retreat to hold off the robots when it became obvious that the bot spawn zone was near-impossible to hold.

I think the idea of very tight gameplay spaces like these bridges in MVM maps is interesting, because it basically removes players' ability to dodge, so the gameplay changes more towards not putting yourself in a dangerous situation where you're stuck in a tight bridge with a Soldier-bot. But it was kind of ruined in this map by the tower mostly being a bot spawn room, so the defenders can't even go in there.

Well, I say it was "kind of ruined", but it's not like the map ever got far enough to be played.

The tower prefab is meant to be used like this; you grab and copy the basic skeleton pieces:


Then you grab any of the branching side-pieces that strike your fancy, and copy and paste them onto your skeleton tower.
You need to copy and paste them exactly as they are; don't rotate them or you'll start to run into ugly texture alignment issues.

Also, several of the straight bridge pieces don't come with a chickenwire ceiling, so you'll either need to add it manually or copy the part of the straight bridge that does come with it.



As long as you make sure the wooden octagonal base of the tower is aligned to the 64-unit grid, it's also really easy to build around the tower:

Fun fact: I wanted to host an unofficial microcontest that required players to use this prefab to create a tower that housed one of their map's objectives.

I would've made an extensive video tutorial on how to use the prefab, and even provided two pre-built example towers with gameplay areas that micrcontestants could copy and use if they found the prefab too intimidating.

The bonus punch would have been to build a single tower 3 or more stories tall, or to have more than one tower with a map objective in it. That's why there would've been two example areas - one 2 stories tall, and one 3 - so that even people who were defeated by the prefab could still use the bonus punch.

... I think it would have been awesome, but it would have been a 6/5 difficulty microcontest for sure. And anyway making the video tutorial would've been a pain since I live in a very lively house. Lots of background noise.

[Two Arenas]
Map | Month/Year | Image​
Ramblings (Please ignore for your own sanity these are all like 400-500 words long)
adctf_firstpoint1 | August/September 2021​
Here's another one I was worried I had lost forever. This would've been the first point of my entry into sonoma's unofficial A/D CTF and A/D PASS Time contest. The flag would have been a UFO (custom prop from this pack), and it would have acted as a dispenser that also gave the flag carrier *checks notes* a speed boost, insane jump height and immunity to fall damage. The gameplay space has a lot of height to accomodate this. Although I really like what I built for the flag spawn area, it was unfortunately another victim of me trying to get fancy with A/D points:

The flag area doesn't act as the forward hold for the point, but instead the point and the flag area are equidistant from BLU spawn. This means that BLU could choose whether or not to rush the point area immediately, but in the end they had to go and take the flag area first, then bring the flag to the point through one of two small connectors:

Sadly, this would have SUCKED. It would have been really easy for BLU to just take the point area and totally prevent RED from accessing either the point or the flag area, making it basically a free capture for BLU after one good push.
BLU's spawn exits onto the flag spawn area were also terrible, they both just exited into the same area and would have been really easy to spawncamp.

The frustrating thing is that both the flag area and the point area are kind of amazing. It probably could have been a really, really good point if only I had just made the flag area the forward hold and the point area the backward hold like a normal person.

Also, before I forget to tell you, it would have used a custom skybox - sky_goldnight_01, and the map probably would have been called adctf_raid or something.
And I listened to this song a lot while making it. Such a good song that I was content to listen to it on repeat for hours without going insane.

I really hope that you can get some use out of this VMF. It has two of the best gameplay spaces I ever designed, and it would be really sad to see them go to waste just because I don't really have any map worth working them into.
adctf_lastpoint1 | August/September 2021​
This would have been the... C point? of my A/D CTF map for the unofficial contest. Hang on, that doesn't sound right; I was sure that I only wanted to make two points! Ah well.

It was inspired by the C point of an earlier map of mine called pl_roofrack. That C point was in turn inspired by Snowycoast D. It had an obviously overpowered engineer balcony right in front of RED spawn, but there was a cave flank across from it that would let BLU snipers make the lives of the RED engis seriously hard if left unchecked. The cart was also an odd shape, which let BLU use it as an umbrella against the sentries - however, the engineer balcony did a full 180 curve around the entrance of the building, so it was impossible to shield yourself from all of the sentries with just the cover the cart provided.

This point is basically an extension of that. The screenshot shows an obviously overpowered sentry position over the point, but there's also a very long flank with a bunch of metal spytech supports that BLU can use to outrange the sentries. However, RED can build in a little corner under the C sign to make their sentry safe from that flank - however, there's a little section of capzone under that corner platform that the sentry can't watch.

This is a tried and tested methodology of designing last points that has worked for me right up until the very recent cp_fragment.

Another thing I liked about Roofrack C was BLU's lobby, which again I basically copied and pasted for this map:

BLU is given plenty of health and ammo, quick rotates between their two routes, and insane high ground over the exits of the 2012 building; all those factors in combination would hopefully ensure that RED will never push into this area.

But the forward hold is where this point falls apart.

You see, RED's forward hold is under the bridge in the following screenshot.

But if RED's under the bridge, there's nothing they can do to stop BLU from just using this side area to totally bypass them and get straight to C:

So this point doesn't really have a viable RED forward hold. BLU can just skip it.

However, there is one saving grace: It's A/D CTF, so BLU can't cap the point without grabbing the flag.
As it happens, the flag is on top of the bridge, so BLU has to walk past RED's forward hold area to grab it:

So, even though this point would never work as A/D or Payload, it might have a chance because it's A/D CTF. Which is kind of beautiful.

Something I also like about this point is the crate spam - it's cover that deliberately favours the UFO carrier, because the UFO carrier's bonus jump height lets them basically just ignore your attempts to take cover behind the crates. I just thought that was neat.
pl_secondpoint1 | November 2021​
This would have been part of an ultra crackhead map called pl_desperation, where I would've aimed to make it so that BLU could use the same spawn to attack all four points, thanks to a whole host of layout gimmicks. Combine that with a semi-original theme (totally stolen from pont's cp_coppice) which fuses gravelpit's textures with the alpine textures and goldrush's lighting, and I would have an iconic, 2009-y map, right?

Well, it didn't exactly work out that way. Mostly because I realised the layout gimmicks were going to be terrible, as you saw earlier in pl_firstpoint1.

Also, you might have noticed the missing textures. They were basically blends of nature/rockwall004 and nature/gravelground001 with nature/grass_07. I lost them in the change between computers and can't be bothered to remake and attach them. Sorry!
Also also, I built a big array of tree cards, but they aren't in the 3D skybox or anything - they're scaled-up dynamic props. So if you aren't using Hammer++, you won't be able to preview the scale and it'll look off.

Anyway, here's a diagram of what the map would have been like - red and blue lines represent routes players would commonly take through the map, whereas the orange lines represent the cart path.

The main thing to notice is that the cart path was very long and bendy between A and B. I had planned to make it that way so B didn't roll, then give BLU a shortcut to B so they could feasibly attack it from the same spawn they used to attack A.

You can see elements of this in the screenshot. The cart path goes around a little rock outcrop and right on the edge of an Upward-style cliff, then into the building where B is situated.
I ended up canning the shortcut idea because it was terrible, so BLU would definitely have needed a forward spawn to attack this point.

I know this, because I specifically built a lobby area that they would need to spawn nearby:

It's a pretty standard lobby. BLU gets full health and ammo in the shack, and they can go up the hill to access a sniper platform, or back down the cart path for some close-range combat.

The forward hold was definitely the highlight of this VMF.
RED would have held up the top of, and down beside, this rock platform. They would use little doomsday fences and the curvature of the arena as cover, while their snipers would attempt to take out BLU's snipers who would be trying to climb this staircase to get an angle on RED's sentries:
I got so into designing this that I even marked out each team's dispenser spots with helper models, which is something that I've never bothered to do again since.

After taking this forward hold, BLU would have tried to assault the B building, which I'll now show you from RED's perspective:

It's a pretty bog-standard Payload point. RED has a few strong defensive positions for sentries, and BLU gets a couple of high-ground sniper positions that RED snipers are incentivised to counter-sniper.

It has a couple of issues, though. It's a little too easy for RED to see every entrance from anywhere they stand in the room, so it'd probably be a hard, hard hold to take.

Also, BLU has to go past one of the highground doors to reach the other, which makes it not very viable as a sniper position because the one they have to go post would be a common and safe place for RED demomen to hang out.

That actually wasn't a problem in earlier versions of this VMF, because BLU could jump through this window and use it as a shortcut. But they can't anymore. I mean, I guess you could change it back into a shortcut again and it wouldn't harm the point's gameplay that much.

But yeah, honestly a super solid B point. All you need to do is plonk a BLU forward spawn next to the lobby area (and ensure that RED can't just stand in one place and camp all its exits!!!), and plonk a RED spawn down somewhere in the B building, and it would play pretty well. I think.
pl_lastpoint1 | November 2021​
This is another part of pl_desperation, and it's a lot more munted than the second point. I remember I really wanted to make a giant, open, Gravelpit-style gameplay space, with sawmill-related buildings on wooden foundations that you could crouch under, and extensive use of displacements to make it so that you wouldn't get feetshot from under those buildings.

... It did not turn out even remotely close to how I imagined it.

The gameplay purpose this point needed to fulfill was being really close to C so that BLU could reasonably attack it from their first spawn (since C was also really close to A), but it also had to give RED a chance to defend it and not just get steamrolled by BLU after they cap C. So I stole another idea from a Rule of Threes contest map, this time from pl_dayspring. That map had a finale where you had to hold the cart in the path of a sawblade so that the sawblade would slice, and explode, the cart.

I saw potential for a finale like that to basically simulate a control point with a long captime. So I implemented it into this D point (note: I do not guarantee that the logic for it works) and basically just called it a day.

But the design of the area around it is pretty crap. It's in a very nostalgic, very Gravelpit-like building where it's assumed that RED will sit in it, try not to poke their heads through the open windows for fear of getting sniped, and crouch behind the stacks of wood planks for cover.
That much is good, but it's not really the kind of thing that makes for a hugely defendable area. It's the same problem as cp_firstpoint2 earlier; for an idea like this to work, RED needs really, really strong defensive positions that are really, really hard for BLU to take even with an Ubercharge.

The area RED uses to approach the point is another example of "cp_firstpoint2 syndrome":

If BLU ever takes RED's singular hold, it would be easy for them to push into this area and start spawncamping RED, basically guaranteeing a capture. Which is not very fun. I even gave BLU a route under the building, directly to this area... for some reason.

So, yeah. This point would need a lot of work to make it work, even if you wanted to can the sawblade finale and transform it into a typical Payload point.
cp_3ad_lastpoint1 | Upload date says April 2022 but I'm not convinced it was even 2022 at all​
This was a little experiment that's very close to my heart. I aimed to replicate what old 2009 TF2 maps are like as closely as I possibly could.

Since I was only 5 years old in 2009, it wasn't easy to make something that felt authentic, but I think what I ended up with here is pretty damn close.

That's not to say I intentionally tried to make it bad, no.
RED has a clearly defined forward hold and backward hold:

BLU has a clearly defined lobby area with quick access to health and ammo, as well as a cover block that lets them safely get to the window flank:

In fact, I regard this control point as one of my best works. Then why am I orphaning it? Well, unfortunately, I needed a 2009-y A point and B point to pair with this, and I just didn't have the inspiration it took to make them live up to the gold standard this point had set. So maybe I can outsource that work to you.

Also, I just want to show off how 2009-y I managed to make it. Like, look at the inside of the building.
pl_lastpoint2 | Upload date says April 2022 but I'm not convinced it was even 2022 at all
This is basically the Payload version of the previous vmf.
In fact, this exists solely because I "modernised" cp_test2, which you saw earlier - I developed it further than the versions you got into a Payload A point, which was super 2009-y.

But it wasn't compatible with cp_3ad_lastpoint1, because, well... it was Payload. So I had to make a 2009-y Payload last point to replace it.

You can observe a couple of things about the map immediately - the cart path encourages close-range combat with some corner-fights around super tight concrete obstacles, which is a 2009 classic, and the "Payload last" part of the map comes from trying to push the cart down a single empty hallway knowing full well that there's a sentry waiting for you at RED's backward hold through the little doorway at the end.

For this point I chose to separate the close-range and long-range combat less than I normally do; only a short walk away from the RED backward hold is a sniper position that directly watches the cart path!

Thankfully, this doesn't totally invalidate BLU's attack options, and not even their close-range ones, because they get this platform just after their lobby:

This lets them safely cross above the sniper's sightline into a building where they can enjoy some close-range combat while totally ignoring the sniper, or alternatively they get a flank route they can use to try to sneak up on the sniper.

This VMF also uses the finale ramp from the pl_snowycoast asset pack, but it's not really a hugely necessary thing. In fact, the icicles make the ramp prop pretty hard to use as anything other than a placeholder.
cp_ms_lastpoint1 | October 2021
This was meant to just be a generic last point that could be dragged and dropped into any multi-stage A/D CP map I happened to be making. It used the same "alpine with gravelpit rocks" theme, and blend textures, as the pl_desperation collection, although before they existed.

Some of you might already recognise that getting "dragged and dropped into any multi-stage A/D CP map I happened to be making" actually did happen to this VMF. So why am I orphaning it?

Well, this has a number of significant differences from its months-newer, much more tested current version. And the funny thing is that those differences don't necessarily make it worse.
The differences are as follows:
  • In this old version, RED spawn is much bigger and they spawn much further back
  • The point is significantly closer to RED's spawn doors in this old version
  • The new version gives BLU access to the roof of the white shack pretty much for free as they round the corner from their lobby, but this old version forces them to use the stairs
  • The new version has another shack on top of the white shack that acts as cover and health for RED, which this old version lacks
  • This old version makes it MUCH harder for RED to get up onto the high ground
  • This old version doesn't have a BLU lobby, leaving you free to design your own
Those first two differences in particular are fascinating to me, because the reason they were changed in the newer version was because A was just so far from RED spawn that it was impossible to defend, so RED got a smaller spawn and a shortcut to A.

But if there's a different A point preceding this one - maybe even with a forward spawn for RED - we'll get to see how history could have been different.

Also, even if you know where this point came from and pilfering it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can at least use it as some kind of reference. It has some pretty cool gameplay spaces, its scaling is alright, and it played pretty well right from the get-go. I think? It was several months ago now...

[Full Map]
Map | Month/Year | Image​
Ramblings (Please ignore for your own sanity, these are all like 400-500 words long, some longer)
pass_scaryball_test1 | June 2021​
Oh man, this one has a whole world of context.
  • It was made shortly after the end of the Rule of Threes Major Contest.
  • A little map called Smalltime got made for that contest.
  • Smalltime was basically the conclusion to a long PASS Time renaissance that had been going strong ever since Microcontest 5: PASS Time Panic, or June 2020.
The reason why that's relevant was because for the entire renaissance, people had somehow been limiting themselves to the context of standard, gigantic PASS Time maps. Making the map smaller was a simple change that greatly improved the gamemode, although didn't make it perfect (or even particularly good, in my opinion).

I had a lot to say about Smalltime. Mainly, it seemed to suffer from the standard CTF problem, where either there are 3 engineers on each team and nobody can capture, or there are no engineers and nobody can stop scouts from capturing.

So to solve that, I would make a map that did all of the following things:

You can see the throw-in goal, doors to the underworld and the run-in-goal (the lava) in the screenshot I provided.

Instead of the ball getting spiked into the playspace by a hammer, it would also instead come flying out of a painting in mid.

The map was nearly playable (apart from the missing texture, which is a frontline cobblestone texture that's easy to replace with any other cobblestone texture). All it needed was a proper BLU spawn room, a little bit of logic work and then to be mirrored and it was ready. (Sadly I no longer have the vmf for the scary ball and resistance logic so you'll have to figure that one out yourself)

If it was so close to being done, and so seemingly fun, I have no clue why it sat around not getting finished for the past 13 or 14 months.
koth_nowhere_test1 | February 2022
The reason why this VMF exists is kind of silly. Basically, in February 2022, I got a reply on one of my old guides (this one):

I believe they were referring to this image:

So I replied:

Well, the "might be possible to make a super-fun KOTH map" thing kind of got stuck in my head. And a few days later, I had a full KOTH layout (although it still needs lighting work, logic and mirroring).

In my opinion, it has potential to be an alright KOTH map. It has pretty good lobby areas, and the connectors outside spawn are uninspired but they do the job.

Where it kind of falls apart is the point. You basically have to go up this ramp while exposed to demo-spam and a big sniper sightline.

The only real other option is taking a one-way door to lead you directly into the cave area people on the point use to take cover:
This isn't too bad. It could work as a KOTH map. But it fails as an experiment, because it invalidates everything that was fun about the original area in sd_nowhere. Peeking around the side of the walls instead of going up the ramp isn't a good idea anymore, unless you want to get your head taken off.
The walls by the sides of the ramp are still raised, but they don't really give you cover from anything anymore, unless you're using a very specific sniper window.
Hiding in the cave area isn't a good idea anymore because you can get ambushed by the one-way door.

So, if you want to take it up and give it a little polish so it works better as a design, or if you just want to release an aggressively average KOTH map, be my guest.


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