Oof Bay

KotH Oof Bay v1

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Mar 4, 2018
Oof Bay - Roblox themed koth map

Oof Bay is a simple Roblox themed koth map. I'm using basic iteration for this map (v1, v2, etc) because it's an atypical map and I'll only update if major bugs are found.

Credit to Roblox for making the textures, Startacker for porting the textures, and Steelblood for helping me test. Postcard.jpg

[HVL] SunnieD_

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Nov 11, 2018
Heyo! We recently played this map on our server and had a blast. I understand this is meant to be a pretty basic map, but I thought I would share two things.

-We had some really good snipers camping the spawn doors for a while. It caused some frustration. Consider adding another spawn door or moving the house to a better location to avoid long range spawn-camping.

-A lot of people didn't take the mine route at the side of spawn. Even when it was mentioned, players tended to not take the alternate route. It was out of their sight most of the time.

Aside from those issues, we had tons of fun on it. Cheers!