Overlay "One Way" & "Stage X" textures

Discussion in 'Models & Textures' started by hydrage, May 3, 2008.

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    Like FLOOR_MASTER suggested, I made some "one way" textures that I plan on using to indicate that certain gates can only be opened from one side (like some of those on cp_dustbowl). I guess it's good to give players a heads-up, especially on a custom map where any minor frustration can damage first impressions.

    There's also some "stage x" textures, just for fun.
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    Freakin awsome! :D
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    i personally don't see the need of putting a one way sign on a one way door. they don't do it in dustbowl do they? and it never caused any "minor frustration" when i first played it. it's all about learning the map. they are great textures but the original suggester needs to suck it up.