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    The welcome PM said to introduce myself, so I'm just following directions. :)
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    HAI! Welcome to TF2Maps!

    Shortly, you should get a reply that explains many things, has some links, and is helpful :)
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    Hi and welcome to ratty! :D (This is the post Radaka is talking about)

    If you have any screen shots of your current or previous mapping endeavorers we would love to see them.

    To get the best experience possible feel free to donate.

    With your donation you will not only be able to remove all ads but get a larger avatar with bigger signature size allowance with images, full text search, an increased 500 PM inbox size, a nifty ' Supporter' image tag, the Ability to view other members profile and to top it all off full blog/gallery capabilities

    If you need any help with a problem that you think you could fix on your own, you should read through the TF2 wiki and our own rather impressive [ame=]Tutorial section.[/ame]

    If you need help with Entities [ame=]download this.[/ame] However, you need to [ame=]download this[/ame] so the Entities will work right. Now if you need help with things like doors [ame=]download this.[/ame] Lastly if you have a hate for the model browser [ame=]download this.[/ame]

    After you are done with your project you can upload it here or you can use a very useful program that a lot of other mappers use called Dropbox.

    After it is uploaded you can [ame=]make a thread for it here.[/ame]

    Don't worry about making it pretty just yet. However, feel free to sign up for [ame=]gameday for some good testing.[/ame] Gamedays are on Fridays in the euro server and Saturday/Sunday in the U.S. server.

    If you have any other questions, there is usually someone in Steam chat who can help. Welcome to the group!

    Lastly don't forget!
    Does it help?
    Do you agree?
    Make you laugh?
    The quickest way to express yourself:[​IMG]
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    Hello and Welcome! :D