Model Oil Rig w/ soundscape

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Bearface, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Working on a map, based on energy and an oil rig is the perfect base for my mid, person can be paid - if someone would let me know what the conventions are for this that'd be perfect cause I've not got a clue. Alternately can be a collaborator, since I have plenty more requests I'll bring when it comes to detailing.

    I will need two 'modes' for it, one where the rig is active, and one where it is not, which I think the only difference should be a soundscape difference and a moving center.

    I guess you will have to post here, because my friends list is really full up

    I do have things like dimensions, concept, etc already but I guess I should keep that for whoever attempts it but like I said it's my first time asking for this kind of thing, if people need more info just yell at me

    xoxo, me