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    doing my best to avoid being cliche introducing myself. Not all that easy.

    Well, I played TFC and Quake II for a couple years before moving to TF2, did a bit of mapping for Q2 and can't wait to start doing some for TF2.

    The most difficult thing i can see for me will be balancing for all the classes, especially the pyro and heavy :bored:

    Can't wait to get started, I already have an idea for a rock2 remake (oh noes, another one?) and i realize that there are already a couple out, but i'll do my best to be original.

    I do have a couple questions, namely
    1. What's the best modeling tool/program?
    2. How do i import custom models into hammer?
    3. How are custom skyboxes made?

    maybe i should post these in another forum, but it's 12:30 am here and i'm getting tired. Thanks much for the help.
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    1. Whatever you're comfortable with. Valve recommends XSI mod tool.
    2. http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=838
    3. Do you mean 3D or 2D?
    In the first case: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Making_3D_Skyboxes
    In the second: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/2d_skybox

    Balancing's the fun part! Heavy and pyro are actually easier than some others. It's the snipers/enjies/scouts that people end up having hard times with. Just throw a couple corridors in for the pyro and a couple middle-sized open areas for the heavy and they'll be happy. Originality's always welcome so I hope to see some new stuff from you!
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    Thanks VERY MUCH for the help there!
    I'm already starting on some layout things, it makes me happy that things like mapping can spawn such a cool community so quickly.
    However, i tend to disagree with you on snipers and scouts being difficult to balance: snipers need a perch that can be attacked, and is accessable by spies, as well as not being able to cover the entire map (bridge with roof on 2fort, for example)
    scouts: areas where they can double-jump into places to sneak attack the enemy, and some small health packs for them (since medics never heal scouts :huh: )
    engies: a good place to build where the can still be taken down by a good spy/demo, maybe a dispenser-jump place or two, preferably without the option to build and not be backstabbed (i hate when people do that :thumbdown:)