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Oh hi

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TheKieranator, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. TheKieranator

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    TheKieranator here, reporting from New Zealand, a little country in the south Pacific in case you didn't know. I took up Hammer-ing late December 2010 and have had a bit of fun with it.
    Now for the serious(ish) part:
    I am aware of the conventions against uploading rehashes of already existing maps, which brings me to my first project. I want to know if it is highly objectional.

    The map is ctf_teuforte, a medieval version of 2Fort. Changes are as follows:
    - All walls, floors, roofs, ceilings etc are being replaced to fit the theme set out in cp_degrootkeep
    - RED and BLU bases are being rebuilt as castles with distinct architectural stlye (angular and orthogonal respectively)
    - Anachronistic objects (apart from 'easter eggs') are to be removed and replaced with medieval props
    - Intelligence briefcases are replaced with the unused scroll model VALVe included with cp_degrootkeep
    - The environment + sky will change to be in line with cp_degrootkeep
    - Braziers are added to the battlements of the opposing castles to aid Snipers
    - The canopy over the bridge may or may not be removed. The reason for this is that ranged fire is significantly reduced in medieval mode, and with the exception of particularly suicidal Demomen with Ullapool Cabers, the roof of the canopy would only be accessible to Scouts
    - Custom overlays indicating key ares eg Intelligence, Battlements, Resupply
    - And undoubtedly other things I've forgotten (will add here when I remember)

    So... feedback please! And don't be too harsh, since I haven't yet established my presence here.
  2. Fr0Z3nR

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    There is no rule AGAINST posting rehashes of valve maps. Just be courteous about it. And expect that there will be people who do NOT like it.

    With that though, welcome!
  3. Wilson

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    I will dest... wait, this is not right place for MSPA pun.

    Welcome to the TF2Maps tough.
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