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    I'm Nico "Nako" Kohnen, I'm 19 and from Luxemburg in Europe, I have been playing consoles or pc since I was able to hold a controller ;D (good old NES my brother's had). I played every major good pc and console game and I play TF2 competetively for the team MTF Gaming and I played in last years etf2l's Nations Cup for Luxemburg :D.

    I have no favorite class since I like all classes, in the wars I play scout, so im best at him but we at MTF also use rogue tactics so I can play Spy, Sniper, Pyro :). If I had to I could also be our main Soldier, Heavy or Demo. In my tf2 team I'm the guy giving commands sort of a team leader.

    I've always had the urge to map, it began in Time Splitters 2 with their modular map editor and since then I wanted to map, but I never had the time to learn it. Now having a lot of free time I took the time to learn to map and my first map project is cp_morass which is still in the pre alpha stages. And as a competition player I wanted to make a map like granary in the layout and now with the opportunity to make a map in the swamp theme I made a simple map layout and started to map.
    A friend of mine, who is a etf2l admin, said to whom I send my first tries said he liked the idea behind it. So now I'm as motivated as never before :D

    Well it was fun at it's best :D, I learnd a lot from your site and yes Political Gamer I read your thread even before I registered to this site ;D. But I still have problems with lighting :blushing::bored:

    well that's me,

    See you Guys in the Forums!
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    Welcome! :p Thats all I can really say now.
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    Welcome to tf2maps.net :D
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