Official Mirrored Props?

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Aug 7, 2017
Hey all, still working on ctf_Schism. This is a small question: I've run into a bit of an issue... I don't know what props I can use :T. You see, the map I'm working on has mirrored symmetry, but props can only be rotated, not mirrored. I know there are some props that have official mirrored variants, but I have no idea which ones. Is there a list somewhere? My only other options are to learn how to pack in custom models or get... creative.


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Feb 10, 2017
Generally, mirrored models will have _mirrored on the end of the model name, searching for that in the model browser should give the list you're looking for.

Feel free to also just use quick brushwork stand-ins for models as well, if the model you want to use has no mirrored version and you don't want to pack a custom mirrored version that you made until later (VIDE or CompilePal are the best tools for packing a map)