Offical "Rules" For arena?

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    Changing from Arena mode to normal mode?

    Hi, I own a 24/7 Arena server and want to make it an Arena/Payload server. I noticed that there is a regualr server.cfg and a config_arena.cfg file and I realized that the config_arena.cfg is for Arena mode. Before when I did not kno that there was a config_arena.cfg file I just edited the normal server.cfg file and my Arena Server worked fine; There were 15 rounds until a new map was chosen, a team needed to win 3 times in a row in order for a scramble, there had to be 2 players in order to play, and the team were always even. I'm just wondering since it is Arena, does it not even look at the regular server.cfg file at all? Like are those the "default" or "official" rules to Arena? So I guess I am only wondering if Arena mode ever looks in the regular server.cfg file and should I just copy the contents from my server.cfg and paste it in the config_arena.cfg file, or will that screw up my entire Arena server?

    Also, if I want certain plugins to run for a Payload map and certain plugins to be turned off on Arena mode, should I just add the plugin CVARS to enable them in the server.cfg and have the CVARS to turn them off the the config_arena.cfg? And should I just have the config_arena.cfg point at the arena_mapcycle.txt and just put the payload maps I want to have chosen for a vote in there?

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