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    Im putting in the unusual effects in my map, And seams to be that no one can see any of the effects that orbit your head. So the cash, cards,planets,fire ball, heart, and so on. But I can see them just fine. The guy im making the map for put them on his server. So I joined up and could not see them as well, But he said that he could...Any ideas?
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    Warning: E_NO_SOURCES: Your report is very difficult to investigate without the source files.
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    I created a trade map about a month ago and ran into something similar. I don't think I ever got it sorted out, but I did notice that the orbiting particles would spawn at the center of the map, instead of where their info_particle_system was placed. (I tried setting the control point keyvalue to the particle system afterwards to no success).

    The missing orbiting unusuals:

    Oh here they are, drifting upwards from the origin of the map..?

    Maybe something related to particle system keyvalues / control points, but I don't know.