Odd problem when attempting to pack custom textures into map

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    Heyyy, thanks for taking the time to look over this. I've recently been doing a bit of work on a personal map for me and some friends, and I'm having trouble getting things to pack correctly. I've used PakRat in the past without issues and have a decent amount of experience with custom content, but for some reason I can't quite get these textures to pack into this new BSP at all now.

    When I try and pack the map with PakRat, the window to add files and what not doesn't even pop up after loading in the .bsp; just the console itself. I looked around for a fix and tried a number of things but still couldn't get the window to even show up. It did, however, show up with another older map of mine and I'm not sure why it's not a fan of the new one.

    VIDE gives me this problem and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why: http://puu.sh/ttjte/7ebe25655a.png -- I feel like this is the best lead I have on a potential problem.

    CompilePal managed to successfully pack in the custom sound, but not the textures. At least, that's what I'm understanding of it. Loading the compiled .bsp in GCFScape shows the textures and sound included, but they aren't showing up for my friend; just me.

    My textures and sounds are in tf/materials and tf/sound, as they should be, iirc. My map also doesn't have any leaks or anything else that could potentially cause problems. The only other error message I get is something about cubemaps: http://puu.sh/ttxjy/cf19c9a7ec.png

    If anyone could provide some insight as to what's potentially causing the problem here, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.