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    Hey, I am Octopus. I have been playing videogames since I was 10, so around 6 years.

    Hmm, lets c, started with Starcraft moved on to Diablo II then back to Starcraft and Warcraft III (Love Blizzard Games). Then onto Counterstrike and World of Warcraft. Back to CSS and finaly Tf2.

    I started mapping in CSS when I really enjoyed surfing, and now TF2 has really intrested me. The only problem about mapping for me is that I am a perfectionist, so I have never realeased anything because I think it sucks.

    Favorite Tf2 map would have to be Dustbowl or Hydro(Amazing Balancing for such diverse maps)

    I have some maps laid out, but I am reluctent to start until the update is out.
    See you guys around.

    Favorite class: Demoman
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    Hey Octopus, welcome to the forums! :)
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    Thanks, I am looking forward to some awesome TF2 maps.