occluders, any wrong way to use them?

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    I was thinking of turning big pillars in my map into func_details and then making an occluder brush completely overlapping it. My question is: Is this an appropriate use for an occluder, and what are situations where I shouldn't use one?

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    The situation you describe is one where you shouldn't use them. I mean, unless the pillars are so large that you may as well call them buildings.

    Generally you want an occluder to cover as much area as possible. Small ones the width of a pillar are going to be mostly pointless, since props and players on the other side would have to line up with the occluder to be hidden.

    Personally I don't use occluders often, since proper areaportal use is going to serve you far better. Those times I have used occluders have almost always been around displacement hills or along the walls of large freestanding func_details like buildings -- those being cases where areaportals wouldn't work and props behind the obscuring features were still being rendered.
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    Take a look at the middle control point of granary for an example of using occluders. Cover (containers) that block line of sight but not vvis are covered with occluders to cut out other high poly models (the other containers and junk behind the fore-containers).

    Justifying the use of occluders depends on how much content the occluder will block and how frequently it will be in use by players. You should be able to figure what's appropriate.
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    Wow I had no idea they used occluders inside the containers, that's crazy. Personally I've never had a use for them. If you want another example you can check out Gravel Pit where RED spawns. The farthest spawn wall next to the point has an occluder inside of it.
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