Model OBJ File for Pyro's Flamethrower?

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    My friend is trying to model a flame-sentry for a map we are making, and he needs the Pyro's flamethrower ans an OBJ file for reference. Is there a download link to it anywhere? Or do I need to convert the existing TF2 model for him? If that's the case, how?

    Thank you in advance?
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    You need to export the flamethrower .mdl from team fortress 2 materials.gcf, decompile it, import the .smd somewhere, then export as .obj. If your friend is a modeller he should know how to do all that.
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    He's done a ton of modeling, but none for Source games. He found a tutorial for de- and re-compiling, so hopefully we'll work it out. Thanks for your help!
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    If your friend still is having trouble decompiling a model, just give him these instructions:

    Using GCFscape, extract the flamethrower mdl:
    1. Open GCFscape
    2. File > Open > team fortress 2 materials
    3. Inside that GCF navigate to tf/models/weapons/c_models/c_flamethrower and drag all the files in there to your desktop (or whatever folder)

    Next, use notepad++ to Hex the model:
    1. Right click the c_flamethrower.mdl file and open it with notepad++
    2. The first 5 characters should be "IDST0"
    3. Change the "0" to a comma to get "IDST,"
    4. Save this file and close it

    Use MDLDecompiler to decompile the mdl file to a smd file:
    1. Open MDLDecompiler and uncheck all the boxes like this
    2. Select the mdl we just hexed and select an output folder

    Depending on what 3D software your friend is using, download a smd import/export script to import the flamethrower model:
    For Blender
    For 3DsMax

    You now have a working decompiled model in your 3D program. Good luck!
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