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    hi all. been posting on here for a week now so i figured i'd introduce myself. i'm from ontario, canada. currently off work due to an injury so i got bored and figured i'd try my hand at hammer. this site seemed to be one of the best resources i found so i signed up.
    my fav map has to be dust and my classes are demo man and pyro. right now i'm just messing with technique and such in hammer before i even attempt anything playable. i have a big list of different types of areas i'd like to see as maps so once i get more comfortable i'll hopefully get into beta and get some advice from the masters here.
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    Glad to have you on board :) Hammer is a wonderful tool if you're like me and lack creativity in other areas. Fellow Pyro for life here, lol. In DM I made a few maps before I got bearings and started on release-worthy material. Welcome to the group m8!
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