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How many control points?

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    The Gist
    I'm A Standardless Unprofessional/Shaeam, some of you might reckonize the name from MvM_ironworks; the only MvM map i've ever done and the only map i've released for Team Fortress 'officially'. I rarely have the gall/confidence to release things to the general public; so I decided to make this rather interesting project. I am going to continuously update this workshop page with progress i've made on this map. And yes, I do detailing as I go as opposed to using dev-textures. Maybe this is a bad thing but it's a habit I've fallen into.

    Why not? It'll be an interesting challenge and serve as a way to keep my moral to continuously update the map; plus it'll aid me with (hopefully) constructive feedback so that I can further improve on both the map; and as a mapper in general. I've already learned many things from this experience; such as the importance of vertical gamespace, using props and other things strategically to almost guide players to points of interest, and even the dramatic effect of background scenery.

    Where can I play it?
    Well; that's a bit trickier to answer... You don't -- at-least, not yet. This map is currently in a very early stage where it's (essentially) unplayable; however, feedback will be useful even during this stage -- as many corridors, rooms and general features might be caught by someone with more experience in the gameplay element of design than I do. Plus; occasionally I will be interested in showing off the map. So if you ARE interested in seeing it feel free to add me and i'll show it to you (Or at-least, what I have to show off, that is)

    The Map Itself
    Originally, I started with the last point (A bit odd, I suppose -- but I believe it's worked well thus far) and it was originally intended to be another MvM map; since mvm_ironworks was fairly well recieved, but then I realized two things: What's the challenge in making a gametype that I've already made? And furthermore; the layout of the point was shaping more and more into something that'd be much more fitting inside of a CP map. So with that knowledge, I set out to make a gorge-style CP map, also known as Attack/Defend. As of writing this I still haven't decided if I want to make the map have two or three points. I'm currently leaning towards two points -- but I'll have a poll and if the demand is there I MIGHT consider making the map have three points instead.
    I currently have just one point finished, however -- most of the work i've been doing has been detailing and planning, and I've learned a fair bit about of information from the guides here; definitely more I than I knew when I was going into mvm_ironworks, which is good.

    Current Overhead View:
    Inside of the RED spawn room:
    Last point flank route 1:
    Last point flank route 2:
    Last point overlook (near RED spawn):
    BLU spawn room (WIP):

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