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    The first Nuclear Dawn custom maps are starting to surface and we look upon them, we find them good. So good, in fact, that we want to offer two map makers the chance to have their work featured as an official Nuclear Dawn map, with the It’s a Nuclear World contest.


    The rules are simple: you have just over four months to produce a custom Nuclear Dawn map that conforms to these rules. The map can have any shape, form, setting or theme you desire. You can work on your own or with a team, by using only existing Nuclear Dawn assets, or making everything from scratch.

    What we are looking for is atmosphere and fluid gameplay, along with production values that can stand next to the existing maps. This won’t be a featured, or community map, but a full-blown part of the next Nuclear Dawn release, presented as an official standard rotation map.

    The Prizes

    For your troubles, and dedication, and love of the game, we will award 1000USD to the first prize, and 500USD to the second prize winners. You will also receive full credits in-game and on the website, as part of the Nuclear Dawn team.

    So what are you waiting for, click herehere to find out more and start mapping now!

    So whos interested? I know i'll be entering.
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