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    Non-Standard Maps

    What are they?
    Non-standard maps are maps that do not focus on the standard gametype objectives. Typically they are fuelled by sourcemod plugins to run correctly, and have dedicated servers with their own communities. Popular variations include: jump, surf, deathrun, versus saxton hale, prophunt, dodgeball. If your map uses a variation of an existing official gamemode mechanic, but still revolves around ground-combat to complete these objectives, then it would probably not be a non-standard map (in which case you'd post to our standard Map Workshop), however there are exceptions.

    Where else can I go to find non-standard maps?
    Some websites where you can find existing non-standard maps are: Gamebanana, IntoxGaming, ReSurfed, (If you know of a community website that would also fit in with these, send Egan a private message).

    What do the different prefixes mean?
    ach = Achievement
    aw = Advanced Weaponiser
    ba = Bail Assault
    bball = Basketball
    bc = Bumper Cars
    bf = Break Floor
    bh = Bunny Hop
    bm = Bomber Mod
    crab = Crab Mod
    db = Dodgeball
    dm = Deathmatch
    dr = Death Run
    duel = Duel (1v1)
    ff = Freak Fortress
    fw = Fort Wars
    gg = Gun Game
    glass = Glass Attack
    jb = Jail Break
    jump = Jump
    kz = Kreedz Climbing
    mg = Mini Games
    mpl = Multiple Payloads
    pipe = Pipe Ball
    pf = Parkour Fortress
    ph = Prop Hunt
    rats = Rats
    sb = Smash Bros
    sf = Slender Fortress
    sn = Sniper
    surf = Surf
    tf2w = TF2 Ware
    tfdb = TF Dodgeball
    tfkart = TF Bumper Karts
    tr = Training
    trade = Trade
    vs = Versus Saxton Hale
    vsh = Versus Saxton Hale
    zf = Zombie Fortress
    zm = Zombie Mod
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