No points for red on my pl map?

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    I've just created my first basic payload single stage map with 2 capture points by the help of reading from the wiki and also the lovely threads / lovely downloads on here. Everything seems to be fine with the payload moving and such however I have noticed a strange bug, it might be just something I've overlooked but if you play on the red team and you win at defending you don't get any points at the end when the time runs out, however blue seems to get points whenever they catch points, getting 2 when payload reaches the end of the track (last cp) which seems to be how it should be but poor red gets nothing if they pull off an imba defence ::p:

    I have a game_round_win entity set to red to win and a team_round_timer with an output of onfinished > [game_round_win_entity] > RoundWin. I've read through the tutorial on the wiki a few times now and checked all the entities are named right etc, still no joy :cursing:
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    That's generally how payload is designed, because after the round ends the teams switch sides, and the previous defenders now get points while on offense. The idea is the defenders withhold points so that they will be able to win by doing better in the next round. Awarding the defense points for defending wouldn't change the ultimate victor by score.
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