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    Hey guys. As that quote says, my clan had an Intel Contest, and the ratings for all of them were lost in a fail host. I would redo it on my forums, but we were thinking throughout this whole thing that a 3rd party would be better to rate, because of bias.
    So I was hoping I could get at least 10 people to go through these four (I know I said five in the quote) intel rooms and rate them according to the form below. You aren't forced to, but you get my gratitude (and the winners!)

    You're voting on the main point of the contest, which was "The Most Unique and Best Looking Intel Room." It had to be playable, though, with the thought in mind that if it were in a full map, would it work? Uniqueness, how different is it from the intel rooms you usually see?; Aesthetics, how appealing is it?; Playability, How well would it work in a real map? Fill in the '?' in the form below with a number between 1 and 10. Note that half a point is also acceptable, meaning you can have a 6.5/10 or a 2.5/5 if you feel it deserves that.

    Name of intel room:
    Uniqueness: ?/10
    Aesthetics: ?/10
    Playability: ?/5

    Here's the link: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1490725/nNn Intel Contest.zip

    Thanks to anyone who spends twenty minutes doing this.
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    I just had a look through them all. This is my first time rating submissions for a contest so feel free to discount them if you want. (It's more of a learning experience for me as well)

    Uniqueness: 6/10 (Stairs are an exact copy of ABS's intel contest found here)
    Aesthetics: 8/10 Though it looked like it was based on ABS's far too much.
    Playability: 2/5 Only one way to it which means the dastardly engy will have fun.

    Uniqueness: 7/10 Was a lot like sawmil, but never-the-less the intel idea was good.
    Aesthetics: 7/10 Nice use of props in places, but the walls seemed a bit too bland.
    Playability: 4/5 With a moving intel, it would be harder to camp, and attackers would have a good chance of spying the intel when it's not near the sentry.

    Uniqueness: 7/10
    Aesthetics: 7/10 Nice scenery outside. Windows and walls were a bit bland and big.
    Playability: 2/5 Far too easy to camp again, just like the first. One room with one entrance.

    Uniqueness: 8/10 Nice idea with the trains, but they make it harder to cap an already small area
    Aesthetics: 7/10 The wall had no beams around it or much detail on it, just the same texture repeating over and over.
    Playability: 3/5 Very small intel room which would make it hard to place a sentry. But with the trains and one entrance, it just seems too much to be able to cap.

    Did I do good? Again, sorry if you think/know I did something wrong. I will try and note it for a next time. :D
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    Uniqueness: 4/10 Stairs are very similar to ABS if not EXACTLY the same. No brownie points for that. Kind of a very basic 2 level layout nothing really fancy that stood out.
    Aesthetics: 4/10 The texturing was good and seemed like everything fit together quite nice. Some spots were a little dark though. The door coming out of the spawn does not reach the brush above it. The top circle area looks pretty nifty though, the bases where the beams connect could've been better textured.
    Playability: 2/5 Not really any cover for other classes to defend/get in. Very camp-able if need be. Only 2 levels with nothing in between allows for boring gameplay IMO.

    Uniqueness: 4/10 Flooded basement, very nice touch, I like the water used. Kind of another basic block layout though with not to much thought put into it.
    Aesthetics: 6/10 I like the floating cans and such. The dripping water ads a nice effect although I would've liked to see it coming out of pipes instead of the ceiling. The intel is VERY hard to spot since it is half way in the water. The overall wall detailing is nice and the separate rooms as well I think you did a good job with that. the water has some funky reflections going on due to prolly not having enough cubemaps attached to certain faces.
    Playability: 2/5 Seems like it had a faint glitchy movement and I don't know why. NO cover at all! This would be horrible for gameplay in every way sense and form.

    Uniqueness: 7/10 This reminds me of... HAARP or Vector, can't remember which one though of the top of my head, but the final cap point around the intel looks almost exactly like this. Still not a bad layout though.
    Aesthetics: 5/10 Kind of on the small side so there isn't much to judge here on aesthetics, but the flashing lights add a neat effect and I like the sparks those fit well.
    Playability: 2/5 Again, not a lot of cover and pretty easily accessable for a in/out/gone scenario.

    Uniqueness: 9/10 Wow, haha, this has to be the most unique room that I have seen in a while. Have never seen anything like this before. Quite small and crowded though. I like the tall cylinder shape.
    Aesthetics: 6/10 Some mis-aligned textures here and there but nothing to fret over, but since it's a detail intel room contest it'll cost ya. ;) The clear stairs were interesting but should have sup type of metal supports under them.
    Playability: 1/5 VERY easily defended as the defender has such a big height advantage along with the cars-o-death speeding by. Lol. Also the actual intel room where it sits is SO small I think a heavy could get stuck in it in real life! Haha
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    Thanks you two.

    Note: The creators of each, just so you know are nNn| Littleedge, nNn| A Loaf of Bread, -SNiGS- Uber Hobo, and Casanova. Casanova failed to name his intel room correctly, but it's such a small contest so I let it slide.
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    Uniqueness: 4/10
    Parts of it look like they were ripped straight from Boojum's intel room entry

    Aesthetics: 6/10
    Looked pretty nice, ignoring the fact that the stairs were straight from Boojum's intel room entry. The lighting is pretty good, and the window could allow for a nice view if a skybox is put there, shame he didn't do one, though.

    Gameplay: 1/5
    Would be pretty boring to play in, one entrance with little or no cover and sentries could dominate.


    Uniqueness: 5/10
    Some pretty awesome ideas with the drifting intel, but it feels like you snatched the idea from sawmill

    Aesthetics: 6/10
    The drifting intel is a great touch, and there's a lot of detail, but it feels like a maze. All of the walls look too similar. The lighting is also too even around the map.

    Gameplay: 4/5
    You could easily get lost in this thing, even though it's so small, but the intel seems like it would be a great gameplay mechanic.
    EDIT: I changed my gameplay vote because I thought that this one has the most potential to be a lot of fun.


    Uniqueness: 6/10
    Pretty cool idea, a spytech base having a power outage. I like the waterfall idea.

    Aesthetics: 4/10
    Lighting glitches galore. Some props are completely dark, the flickering light is a cool idea, but it really didn't turn out right. Some of the displacements look off at certain angles, and it doesn't seem like they sewed together.

    Gameplay: 1/5
    One entrance, small room.


    Oh man, this is a hilarious idea.

    Aesthetics: 7/10
    Pretty average detail near the bottom. The glass stairs are awful looking. The top room is really good, it's just too bad I can never get to it. It makes up for the rest of the intel room's detail.

    Gameplay: 0/5
    This would play horribly in a real match, but it sure is hilarious!
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    Yay Tom. Thanks. No winner has been announced yet >.> Hopefully others will post a few - I'll end the contest in a day or two.