KotH Newton A1

First map, dont expect anything big.

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    Newton - First map, dont expect anything big.

    So this is my first map, dont expect much from it but hey maybe it can provide small quick fun.
  2. sooshey

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    Capital letters disagree with some servers, so you should always keep your filename in lowercase. (Rename the vmf and then compile, don't just rename the bsp.)

    What you have is a pretty good start, nothing is fundamentally broken, but i'll give some suggestions you can use for this map and any other map you make:
    • Your indoor areas are rather poorly lit, which is a problem because it's difficult to see other players' team color in dim lighting.
    • Right now, a single sentry can be placed on the ledge in the connector rooms and hold down all three possible entrances from spawn. Try to make your paths wider apart so one player can't defend all of them at once. You can even see into a spawn exit while standing on the point; make sure there is something blocking that sightline so snipers don't have TOO much fun :p
    • When you make a skybox, get in the habit of wrapping it around your map tightly. You should leave no empty space that the player will never be in, because all it does is hurt optimization due to all the extra rendering.
    • A lot of your textures are stretched. To avoid this, make sure :texlock: and :texlockscale: are disabled before resizing a brush.
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