TR Newerbots rc4

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L2: Junior Member
Jul 26, 2018
Newerbots - A refresh of newbots

This map aims to refresh the visual style of newbots. There are minor tweaks as well, check out the changelog below:

-Changed the style to match tf2 better
-Moved the resupply cabinet indoors to be reached easier
-Updated the button icons

Thank you to A10 for making one of the greatest training maps to date, please check it out here


L2: Junior Member
Jul 26, 2018
This update is intended to be an inbetween so I can gather feedback and hopefully release a final version of this newerbots
  • Changed skybox and lighting to be more pleasant
  • Added a button to close the window in the middle of the room (its the yellow warning symbol, this will be replaced in rc5/Final
  • Added cubemaps
  • Compiled with BSPreveal

Issues I am aware of:
  • Tatooine Suns
  • Ghost lighting along the walls of the arena
  • Leaked lighting along the floor of the arena
  • Getting stuck ontop of, or inside of, the button shelves
  • Waterfall sound being too loud
  • Getting stuck under the elevator

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