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    Hello one and all,

    I have recently been interested in creating a new map for veterans as well as newer players. My question though, is what would be a good concept to start basing a map around that? I do not want to repeat the same as others, so sometime possibly out of the box.

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    To make a good map you need to understand the basics first (player flow, corridor design, height variation, gameplay elements, etc.). I would start out with KOTH (most do this cause its the easiest to understand and experiment with layout wise). In KOTH it is usually the viaduct formula but this can be changed as some mappers have done. You dont need to do koth first, I just recommend it as its a simple gamemode to setup and learn how to design for players in the game. It might be a disaster, it might not, try not to take feedback personally instead learn from it and understand why the person left that feedback and improve from it ( Submit your map into the discord bot and get it played too, it is one of the best ways to get feedback from experienced mappers. I'm probably forgetting something and I know someone else will chime in.