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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sir Rhosis, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Hello all. So yesterday I downloaded the hammer mapping tool for TF2 and thought I would try and figure some stuff out.

    I am VERY inexperienced at this sort of stuff, but I am a programmer by trade and education, but I have NEVER made such a map as this game uses. I have done some Command and Conquer maps, some old school Sim City maps and if you remember that far back, Sim Earth.

    I never took any classes in college for Graphics design, even though there is actually a class there for game design that uses the Valve Engine for their designs. I wish I would have taken it, but I guess I must teach myself.

    Anyway, I hope to learn, and of course have fun.
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    Welcome aboard (no pun intended :p) Your case is the same as mine.
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    its not hard really. if you're in to program, you shoudl be able to figure out triggers and stuff pretty easily.

    search around for anything you need trouble with. if you dont find an answer to your question, go ahead and ask. for even faster help, visit the our steam chat room.

    there's a link on the main page :)