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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Thorval, May 15, 2015.

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    Seems like the old train tutorial doesn't work anymore, The sound keeps looping, lighting breaks.

    So can someone make a tutorial with these points:

    -Path with back teleport
    -Trigger hurt (also buildings)
    (and all the other stuff)

    can someone re do the tutorial?

    Thanks, Gr Thorval
  2. takabuschik

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    Yes sure
    Here's the basic concept

    1) Make a func_tracktrain, the size of the train model, textured nodraw. Put speed as you want, give a name (ex. train_box)

    2) Parent models to func_tracktrain, make trigger hurt up front and parent as well.

    3) Put path_tracks, name the first one to something, then shift+drag to create more. And set the last one (edge of the train path) with the following output:
    OnPass train_box TeleportToPathTrack [your first path_track name]

    4) make logic_timer

    5) set it to random intervals, standard intervals, whatever.

    6) Make two logic_relays and name them Train_start_relay (for train movement) and Train_sound_relay (for warning sound).

    7) Give the timer the output
    OnTimer Train_start_relay trigger w/ a delay of 1 sec or so
    OnTimer Train_sound_relay trigger

    8) Train_start_relay has
    OnTrigger train_box startforward
    OnTrigger (motor sound ambient generic) play

    Train_sound_relay sends the ambient generic w/ the "ding ding ding" sounds the "play" output.

    6) Make logic_auto w/ OnMapSpawn train_box TeleportToPathTrack [your first path_track name]

    7) Test? Should work, but I can't promise that
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