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New Submission: tc_meridian_b1

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Shmitz, Aug 7, 2008.

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    The island of Meridian holds a terrible secret, waiting to be unleashed on the world by Red forces. Can Blue fight their way into Red's lair and stop their plan, or will Red drive Blue off their island? This Territory Control map differs from Valve's TC_Hydro in that it uses CTF infiltration mechanics instead of the domination gameplay of Control Points. This combination of game types makes for an experience that is more dynamic than the usual "turtling" of CTF and less prone to stalemates than CP-based Territory Control.

    Known Issues:
    * No CTF HUD. This is hopefully something that will be possible before this map reaches its final version, but this problem is in Valve's hands.
    * There are some odd reflectivity issues with certain areas of the water.

    We are MOST looking for feedback on balance. If you play a full timeslot on this map, please note which areas (not teams) win each round. You can post your results as feedback here, or at the main development thread <a href="">here</a>.


    Gametype: Territory Control
    Players: 24-32
    Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major
    Contributors: Scott "Buddikaman" Petty
    Pat "MangyCarface" Mulholland
    Steve "Scoobings" Post
    Version: 0.1.0

    Revision History

    BETA 1
    * Added another path into village during volcano/village round.
    * Reworked the layout inside the temple area.
    * Fixed bugs involved with players crossing a few prop-based bridges and ramps.
    * Fixed clipping on bridges across ravine.
    * Deepened pool under waterfall to support players attempting to put out flames.
    * Increased setup times. Normal rounds are 30 seconds, while defense rounds are 60 seconds.
    * Added more health and ammo.
    * Added proper collision to robot deck and hoses.
    * Made robot deck a more sentry-friendly location.
    * Added more direction signs.

    ALPHA 4
    * First major detailing pass.
    * Added alternate route off floor level of volcano area.
    * Removed access to most village roof areas.
    * Added stairs up to the second catwalk in the red lair staging area.

    ALPHA 3
    * Added setup times. Normal rounds have 25 seconds, defense rounds have 40.
    * Fixed a few bugs.
    * Replaced most placeholder "red walls" with actual doors and other more natural obstructions.
    * Added to the skybox.
    * Added fog transitions between some areas.
    * Closed off world map so players won't get stuck in it anymore.

    ALPHA 2
    * Switched flags to a new system to automatically return them if dropped in player-death spots. This should also fix bugs with flags spawning as the wrong team.
    * Quite a lot of detailing to the outside. Many custom assets created.
    * Skybox added.
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  2. Colt Seavers

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    looking absolutely awesome. can't wait to play it :cool:
  3. Fragimus_Max

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  4. Bonafide

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    well i wouldnt go that far but I would agree that is one hard capture. particularly at one point where you have to walk thru a cave then walk around the walkway then up the walkway right past spawns to grab the intel.
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