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    pl_waste_a6 (formerly known as smog)

    5CP Tug-o-War Payload
    I've been constructing a map with a system similar to Well/Granary, except it uses a payload cart instead of the standard CPs. I designed the layout of the map in an S-shape, so I could have the payload track run the shortest route, but is also more narrow. Key locations are further away from the track, offering more open areas and pickups to act as strategic routes to flank the enemy.

    Please provide feedback, whether it be bug reports or even small requests. This version is a Beta Candidate.

    Central Courtyard

    Escort the payload to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.

    Other Notes:
    The payload moves faster as more teammates stand near it.

    Map Overview

    BLU Entrance

    RED Factory

    BLU Checkpoint

    BLU Final Terminus

    Changes for Alpha 6:
    -Added a few more pickups
    -Added color correction effects
    -Added soundscapes
    -Added Cubemaps
    -Finished detailing final areas of the map
    -Added skybox
    -Remade spawn rooms
    -Increased cart speed by 1.5x

    Changes for Alpha 5:
    -Enlarged cap 2/4 areas to free up chokepoints
    -Reduced spawn times if your team is using thier headquarters to spawn
    -Added more health/ammo
    -Reopened sewer passageway under the middle cap
    -NOTE: This version has not been compiled with HDR

    Changes for Alpha 4:
    -Fixed the error "ED_Alloc: No Free Edicts", causing the map to be unplayable with large server populations
    -Fixed RED prop room containing a BLU theme
    -Halved file size

    Changes for Alpha 3:
    -Added detailing (ALMOST COMPLETE)
    -Payload now explodes regardless in the case of a stalemate
    -Added spectator cameras
    -Moved first forward spawn back a bit
    -Reduced lengths of alternate routes for cap 2/4
    -Increased cap time for center CP
    -Moved pickups more towards alternate routes
    -Removed area under the middle cap
    -Door no longer traps people when payload passes through it
    -Capturing the final terminus now credits the correct people

    Changes for Alpha 2:
    -Removed delay before the cart becomes "neutral"
    -Enlarged Cap 2/4 areas
    -Replaced Sewer props with brushes
    -Moved final forward spawn towards last point
    -Added more healthpacks

    Changes for Alpha 1:
    -Smog Released for early playtesting