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New Submission: pl_VipersDen_b2

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Termaximus, Feb 28, 2009.

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    VipersDen featuring the custom Viper Cart

    A single stage payload map where using the elevation change to your advantage is key.

    A Studio func_adelic production.

    Matt "Termaximus" Stambaugh Project Manager/Mapper
    Josh "Jive Turkey" Gooderham Modeler/Animator/Textures/Map Detailing



    Title: pl_vipersden_b2
    Version: Beta 2.0
    Filename: pl_vipersden_b2.bsp
    Type: Payload
    Compile Date: 2/27/2009
    Development Cycle: Alpha 1 -> Beta 1 -> Alpha 2 -> Alpha 3 -> Alpha 4 -> Alpha 5 -> Beta 2



    Unzip into your tf/maps/ folder.
    Custom materials packed into .bsp so don't need to do anything with that.


    -Added game_round_win so Red can win now
    -Added forward spawn for Blue
    -Added 3rd CP
    -Added many new routes
    -Filled up empty areas
    -Added custom Viper Cart and final explosion
    -Increased setup time
    -Redid Red spawn and added new more conveniant starting exit
    -Added arrows
    -Made water deeper
    -Added a lot more detail, but much more needed
    -Increased time extensions for Blue are captures
    -Fixed hole on top of rock arch
    -Fixed all sticky areas but there may be more, let us know
    -Finished majority of displacement rock walls, except center cave
    -moved track away from walls
    -Nerfed Snipers field of view considerably throughout map
    -Reduced scale of outer cliff walls
    -Added rudimentary 3D skybox
    -Added third CP
    -Added many more player clips



    Matt's wife Marija and Josh's girlfriend Beth for putting up with our constant Hammering.
    Russ and everyone else at Team Vipers ( for hosting and play testing the less than perfect alphas.
    John Novak for his always honest feedback. for the payload contest that motivated me to finish the first beta, fpsbanana, and everyone else who has playtested
    and/or given feedback on map.



    Programs: Hammer, Photoshop, 3D Studio
    Compile PC: AMD Phenom Quad Core, 8 gb ram, Vista 64



    Distribute and put on servers freely.

    Do not decompile, use design and/or custom materials and models without express written permission.
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