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    Circular payload map

    The game type of snake temple features 2 carts on the same track. The goal is for each to catch the cart of the other team by pushing their cart faster. To help you, your cart has a special uber speed gauge you can trigger by blocking the hostile cart.

    See the included readme for more info on the map. The custom introduction screen can also help player to know what to do.
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    We have this in the cycle on one of the servers I help run and it's fairly popular, but there's one recently discovered problem and also one suggestions from the regular players on the server.

    Engies can build sgs inside the interior spawn rooms. Specifically the respawn rooms which are actually inside the cave, and which switch teams depending on what cart has capped the nearest cp. The engy builds an sg up near the door, inside the room when their team has it and when the spawn room gets taken over by the other team the enemy's sg is still there when the other team starts respawning inside the room. Obviously they then get slaughtered.

    Make the cart speed gauges build up faster. It's a fun part of the map but about 90% of the time the map either ends with one team winning but never having built up to full (usually because the other team neglects pushing their cart) or ends up in sudden death, without either team ever having built the cart's charge up to full.
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