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New Submission: pl_smog_a2

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Icarus, Dec 5, 2008.

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    5-point linear PAYLOAD
    I've been constructing a map with a system similar to Well/Granary, except it uses a payload cart instead of the standard CPs. The theme I have chosen for this map is a heavily polluted industrial-manufacturing factory. I designed the layout of the map in an S-shape, so I could have the paylaod track run the shortest route, but is also the most choky. Key locations are further away from the track, offering more open areas and act as strategic routes to flank the enemy.

    Please previde feedback, whether it be bug reports or even small requests. The map has not been detailed yet, so I can make massive changes to any number of locations.

    - At the beginning, it plays just like the start of any regular old 5-Point CP map, with the battle over the middle point, or in this case, battle over who initially owns the cart
    - I am aware that the HUD for the middle point is missing, however, I cannot find any way to fix this issue, I assume since VALVe has not created a neutral checkpoint texture.

    Center Checkpoint + HUD demonstration

    Escort the payload to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.

    Map layout

    Other Notes:
    The payload moves faster as more teammates stand near it.

    Checkpoint 2/4 (BLU)

    Final Terminus (note that BLU spawns under it :D)

    Changes for Alpha 2:
    -Removed delay before the cart becomes "neutral"
    -Enlarged Cap 2/4 areas
    -Replaced Sewer props with brushes
    -Moved final forward spawn towards last point
    -Added more healthpacks

    Changes for Alpha 1:
    -Smog Released for early playtesting
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