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    pl_mill b2

    Map name: pl_mill
    Author: Infectedfury
    Description: A 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2 in the alpine style of lumberyard

    note: map is designed for up to 24 players any more and map may be unbalanced

    Version history:

    -- Beta 2 --
    added more lighting.
    fixed bug where payload would not go back in some places.
    stage 1 -2 increased size 2 rooms to make for better for blue engineers
    added new metal to expanded room
    added more cover to stage 1 - 2
    the start of stage 2-1 has some changes
    fixed bug where engineers could build under some doorways
    explosion at the end has been improved (you should like this)

    -- Beta 1 --
    First release