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    Welcome to the Frontier!

    This is a single-stage payload map with 4 control points for BLU to capture. It

    is designed to address some of the problems with payload maps, namely the tendency to

    push forward hard and then bring the cart up afterwards., and the overall advantage

    towards RED/defenders.
    To this end, in Frontier, players push a train! Meet Lil' Chew-Chew, the

    Engineer's latest invention (though the Pyro contributed in design ideas.) This

    payload is a large mechanized train engine with the ability to run over anyone in

    front of it- contingent on at least 3 players pushing him along.
    To capture points in Frontier, simply stand on or close by the platform Chew

    Chew trails behind himself. He will absorb all frontal damage, and so RED is forced

    to apply a very loose, flanking defense in order to stop his progress. Extensive

    playtesting has been done to both ensure fair and fun gameplay for both BLU and RED

    and each individual class, with special attention paid towards weakening overpowered

    sentry locations. This map is tested mostly in a 32 player environment, as gameplay

    scales downwards better than upwards. Recommended for 14-32 players, as offense will

    receive a large advantage with any lower.

    A lot of effort went into this map, not only on my part, but from an enormous

    array of people in the custom community. Full credits, in no set order:

    Map: MangyCarface
    Lil' Chew Chew: Arhurt (of ctf_aerospace fame; check it out!)
    Poster, extensive playtesting, statistics gathering & interpretation, major source of

    ideas: "FLOOR_MASTER"
    Engineer Poster: Ovens (fataldose on DA)
    Server poster: Nineaxis (check out his WIP pl_stovepipe)
    Decompiled bomb cart parts: Z33W13R+VALVe
    Decompiled Laser: TheDarkerSideofYourShadow, Snipergen, VALVe
    Laser choreography (note: temporary): TheDarkerSideofYourShadow
    Extra track pieces: III Demon
    Satellite dish below laser: *mostly* valve

    Thank you to the following server operators and their corresponding servers:
    FLOOR_MASTER & 2f2f
    ChillyWI & YinYarr
    Rahmie & PuniPuniNa
    flubber & CanardPC
    NoHeroes- soon to have a dedicated Frontier server.
    EVERYONE at You know who you are, and how much you've helped in the form

    of paintovers, ideas, and support along the way.

    My friends at 2fort2furious for bearing with me in playtesting the 14 versions we

    went through, some of which were awful.

    Please enjoy!