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New Submission: pl_evator_a2

Discussion in 'Maps' started by NumbersAndNoise, Aug 17, 2008.

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    The goal of this map, for me, is to create a fun and visually appealing gimmick (wait, don't leave!) map. The BLU team has snuck into the lowest sub-basement of the RED base with a huge bomb. They intend to detonate it at the ground floor. They've loaded it onto the elevator, but now the RED team has been alerted, and is trying to stop them from bringing the bomb to the top. The elevator itself is a large platform that moves by the standard payload rules. The shaft widens towards the top, making it easier to knock players off of it and onto the floor, which results in instant death. There are various routes inside the building surrounding the elevator shaft that can be used by the RED team to gain a greater height advantage, or by the BLUs to go ahead of the payload and take out RED's defenses.

    Know issues (nothing gamebreaking, all small issues of presentation):
    - I have fixed the problems with BLU spawning under the platform, but the solution is a little awkward looking, if only for a split second.
    - The announcer speaks at the wrong time. Finding a way to mute the announcements from the team_train_watcher would let me fix this.
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