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    A small payload map in a circular way, this means that both teams are able to capture points. Each capture adds a variable ammount of time to make sure the map will end time to time. Then the team with most CPs under control wins and recieves 1 point. When all points are taken they get 2 points. The map has 4 cp's with the same layout on each side. The trick is to attack at the right moments which can be very tricky. Also, unlike other payload maps short or instant respawning has allmost no effect on the balance making it fit for any server. Its a new sort of payload chalenge worth to try out.

    Control Points: 4 (Red, Blue, Blue, Red)
    Start time: 8 minutes (variable ammount of time is added based on the time between captures)
    Pushing speed: 20 per player with a max of 160
    Current Status: Beta 2

    Images and a alternative mirror can be found at FPSB:
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