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    Map Name: pl_cave
    Game: Team Fortress 2
    Map Type: Payload (Attack/Defend) 3 stages
    Author: Spacemonkey

    This is the 3 stage payload version of my cave map. I've added two extra stages to the existing one, as well as modified the first one.

    If there are any bugs, please post any bugs here and i'll try my best to fix them.

    I added a custom explosion to the map, by there are problems with TF2 finding the particle files. If you want to see the explosion, you'll have to install the particle files yourself, there is a readme on how to do this in the zip file. If anyone know how to fix this, please tell me, that would be great.

    It doesn't matter if you don't, it's just a visual thing, doesn't effect gameplay in anyway.

    Thank you for playing my map.

    If you would like to discuss it with me, or make a suggestion, add me to steam friends.

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