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    Red and Blu are competing for this lumber area,
    Red is the old company, Blu the one building up fast and massivly...
    to finally eliminate red from the area, Blu plans to steal Red´s last reserves, treasured in a giant vault.

    Hope you dig it


    Work in Progress


    * Added Thumbnail for Quickserver-list
    * Adjusted Respawntime for Red for 2nd to last cp
    * moved 1st Blu forward spawn, deleted route to other side after CP2 is taken to slightly increase traveltime for BLU to 3rd
    * tweaked and added sentryposition at CP2
    * added route to CP3 for BLU
    * added cover for sentryposition at CP3 and CP4
    * boosted and added healthkits and ammopacks
    * minor architectural changes
    * added gold_displacement to vault-treasure
    * further detailing
    * alligned several textures
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    I just had a chance to play a version of the cashworks map today (a5 i think) it was great! Nice work
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    Been playing b1 for a bit, it was quite fun. I think b2 has been an even more enjoyable experience.
    Just a few comments.
    -Above CP1 there are some ledges which are in jump range but cannot be stood upon. They'd be good staging areas for spies. Good for soldiers/demos to rain destruction from as well.
    -It'd be nice after blowing open the vault to be able to run inside and ogle the gold.
    -I got stuck on a rock. Couldn't get out at all. Upon announcing this in game someone told me to come here. See attachments.

    Keep up the good work.
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