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New Submission: pl_Aurum

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Fearlezz, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Pl_Aurum is a 3 stage Payload map. Although it has been for development for 7 months, I am only making stage 1 avaible for download. This map file was released way back, a few months ago. Just for beta testing stage 1. This was before atage 2 and 3 was even created. As we speak the huge Aurum is being optimized and is soon ready for the public. For now, enjoy stage 1.

    The idea behind pl_Aurum is to let the player be able to move around more then usual. Could you jump on that roof normally? Well, you can in Aurum.

    In latin, Aurum means gold. Because I wanted the same theme and artstyle as pl_Goldrush, I decided that this name fitted. For the architecture and textured used for this map, it uses the most common textures seen in Goldrush. For example, if the wood floor in goldrush used this texture, it will most likely be the same texture in Aurum.

    The story behind this map, is simply, that Blue has found out about Red's huge gold facility. For unknown reasons they want to destroy it, badly. They must escort their little bomb through Red's properties. Along the way, they goes through several checkpoints.
    Red must stop Blue for successfully destroying their gold storage.


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