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Discussion in 'Maps' started by The Asylum, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Not so new and possibly a little bit less exciting: PIPEBALL_b1!

    A beta release means a beta skybox, right? Also, see if you can get this Fungineer setup in the always-intense firefight of Pipeball. I wouldn't bet on it though....

    Remember how, in a2, the ball kept going into the hallways and spawnrooms?

    Not anymore, lol!

    By popular demand, scoreboards EVERYWHERE!

    Also, scoring a point not only changes the scoreboard display, but it also fills in the CP squares in your HUD. If you don't know the score now, you're blind.

    Yes it does. And it doesn't fly all over the place like it did last time.

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    Just a suggestion for a more minimalist hud, you could make it only 3 boxes. The left box would be blu's if they get a point, the right would be reds, and the middle would be who ever captures the 2nd ball first.
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    Right o then, based off of today's Gameday:

    ISSUE 1

    What's happening: Ball still gets hung up in the back area

    Why it's happening: The goal shields being perpendicular, apparently.

    How I can fix it: slanting them towards the goal. This may result in faster goal scoring and hamper Engineers, though

    ISSUE 2

    What's happening: Demoman's grenades and Stickies won't go into the side hallways

    Why it's happning: the func_vphysics_clip brush I used to keep the ball out of the halls. Apparently the grenades and stickies are phys objects too.

    How I can fix it: delete the phys brushes, add a small post in the middle of the gap, just enough to keep the ball running along the wall smoothly

    ISSUE 3

    What's happening: The back gates won't open on one particular round

    Why it's happening: Fuck me I dont know

    How I can fix it: See above

    ISSUE 4

    What's happening: The ball sometimes rolls into people, trapping them until it passes though

    Why it's happening: Phys objects were made for HL2, and not really supported for TF2. You can still shoot/melee the ball while "inside" it, and it'll be knocked out of you.

    How I can fix it: Become a Valve programmer and amend the Source engine myself. lol yeah, wish me luck.

    ISSUE 5

    What's happening: After falling into the goal pits, you can see the skybox's grass textures

    Why it's happening: Didn't use nodraw on the bottom of the brush.

    How I can fix it: ...... use nodraw on the bottom of the brush, obviously.

    I think that's about it then, anyone else have some concerns?
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    scoreboard looks ugly, see my comment in other thread... not really an "issue" though...