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    My awesome domination map...

    dom_perfection Change log
    Changes for Area 52 a3


    Changed layout to make it smaller and easier to navigate
    Minor detailing and texturing
    Added setup time
    Added a round time limit of 12 minutes
    added interchangeable spawns to each point
    removed gimmicky windows at C and F

    Changes for Area 52 a2 and a2_b 5/10/08

    Added an alternate path from C to E
    Added an alternate path from C to F
    Added an alternate path from D to A
    decrease the amount and status(full, medium, small) of the items around the map
    added signs to the control points

    Changes for point A
    Added a displacment ground, with foliage
    made an overhead room, accessable through point C's upper room and through upper level rooms
    added upper level side rooms, connected to overhead room
    added wood bords for cover.

    Changes for Point B and the rest of the tunnels:
    playerclipped off the sides so players can't surf on them
    made the tunnels 16 units wider
    added doors to the tunnel like in Perfect Dark version

    Changes for point C
    added an upper room
    now looks like a storage room
    added crates to the first floor as stairs for the upper room

    Changed for point D
    Replaced the elevators in the moat with ramps
    Added walls on the outside of the inner platform for sentry cover
    Made the bridge wider
    Replaced the ramps to the sniper towers with ladders
    Added a placeholder brushwork for a satellite
    filled the moat with water
    Added railings to the bridge
    Added nobuilds to the sniper towers

    Changes for point E
    added a unreachable second floor for aircafts and such

    ground is now a displacement with foliage

    Changes for point F

    Changes for point G