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Discussion in 'Maps' started by NastySam, Jul 3, 2008.

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    This is my first map just started using hammer yesterday, mid base is a ctf map with both bases in the middle at the bottom of two slopes with the intel at the top of each slope. its set up this way specifically for instant spawn servers which would make getting the intel back to your side of the map much more chalanging because of having to pass by the enemys base on the way. enjoy and please pm me with suggestions or advice on map building.
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    Interesting concept, but I doubt it would ever work well for a public server, but it might work well as a testing map with a few adjustments. I've tried setting up a map similar to this before and with the respawn areas so close together players are usually more busy grief killing each other then tying accomplish the objective, you might as well remove the intel flags. The map is also quite open and too strongly favors snipers to make other classes a worthwhile choice, no class other then maybe a spy, would ever get close to the intel if there were 2 or more skilled snipers guarding it.

    The map is fullbright and needs some lighting, I'd suggest adding light_enviroment for the outside and 2 or 3 light_spot's to the respawn areas.

    There is also some misaligned no-entrys and some bugs with the resupply areas:
    func_regenerate(func_regenerate) unable to find associated model named 'redlock2'.
    func_regenerate(func_regenerate) unable to find associated model named 'blueock2'.

    If you really want people to download a map it's also a good idea to include some screenshots of what the map looks like in game.
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