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    Beta version of my single flag CTF mixture of basketball and paintball. Screenshots here

    It is already running on our 26 Slot server :

    "BounD-By-BLooD Server #1 Featuring our newly released custom map ctf_hoops_beta"
    IP :

    Hope everyone enjoys it

    Special Thanks to:


    "What The Funk" from for the scoreboard prefabs
    (huge time saver)


    [B³] Ace
    [B³] Fear [Å]
    [B³] BigBoss [Å]
    [B³] GodlessOne [Å]
    [B³] Halo [Å]
    [B³] The Serpent
    [B³] Noob
    [B³] Sub Zippo
    {A TEAM}_Wing
    Grinder _[Ancients]

    And last but not least :

    All you tutorial writers out there, you are providing an invaluable service to the community. Thanks a ton.

    Please direct any bug reports or constructive feedback/criticism to the [B³] forums @ , this thread or thru my e-mail @

    Thanks in Advance,

    {A TEAM}B.Å.Baracus[B³]
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    Revised installation instructions and repackaged the map to include a custom welcome screen and map description.

    Nothing changed in the map itself all previously downloaded packages will still work with any server running the map. It was strictly a client side addition, the servers won't mind.

    Sorry, I was a little late on sorting out the details for this element. o_O