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    Final version is out!

    Greetings all
    The RED's are trying to defend their hometurf of Happyfarm againest the BLU's who seek to destroy it.
    Styled after a tfc favorite, Avanti, this map contains 3 cap points instead of 4; A > B > C. For those that have never played Avanti, it's the reverse of ctf basically. All you need to do is bring the flag to each point in order (A>B>C); capture all points and BLU wins. If BLU doesn't capture all the points in time RED wins.

    Here's just a few screenshots of the favorite homegrown map from the Pwnshop.

    Point A
    Point B
    Point C
    BLU Spawn
    RED Spawn

    For those that have played Happycow, I gave permission to Spoz to make it using happyfarm. Thus Happyfarm came first, not Happycow